Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Foreign Language Transcription Vs Sound Translation

There's a lot of confusion out there regarding using the terms Spanish transcription and Spanish translation (one may replace any language for Spanish). It is very important to say there is a difference between transcription that is Spanish and Spanish translation. It's not only the customers of transcription services who make the mistake but also many of the transcription businesses. Transcription is only the making of a text copy of text source or a speech. Mostly, transcription is the conversion of speech from an audio/video source to a text format. Yet, papers including passports, letters that are handwritten, and subpoenas also regularly find their way into a transcriptionist. Translation on the other hand, is bilingual.

As they refer to individual services rendered by different professionals Spanish translation and Spanish transcribe audio to text should not be used synonymously. For example, you will need Spanish transcription services if you have dictation from a Spanish speaking doctor that has to be transcribed as text that is Spanish. Nevertheless, if you've Spanish language dictation that has to be converted to text that is English, then Spanish/English translation services will be needed by you.

Many companies are misleading when they state that Spanish transcription services are offered by them. Often, what they're really offering is Spanish sound translation. Audio translation is like audio transcription in that someone listens to sorts and a language record it in a doc format. Yet, converting speech to text is not the definition of transcription. (Remember text to text transcription?) They are interpreting when someone listens to some Spanish record and kinds what they hear in English.

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